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Tolbert's Motto, Mission and Belief Statements




School Motto 

Teaching and Engaging Students 




Mission Statement

Tolbert Elementary will Teach and Engage Students through rigor, relevance, and nurturing relationships.


Belief Statements


  • Parents feel welcome (in office, classroom and entire school).
  • Tolbert will provide a safe environment.
  • Tolbert teachers care about the students and each other.
  • Students want to come to school (excited about attending TES).
  • Tolbert holds every student to high expectations. Tolbert will be known as an academically tough school who puts student needs first.
  • Tolbert is preparing my child to become a life-long learner.
  • Building is clean and well maintained.
  • Fun, loving, and friendly environment.
  • Teachers and staff look and act professional at all times.

The principal is visible and knows the students, sees administration with a smile.