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Stacy Calvert Staff Photo

Class Schedule  



Mrs. Calvert’s Class Schedule


7:15-7:40            Letter Activity (writing)/ Breakfast

                            Announcements/ Attendance


7:40-8:10            Opencourt/ Letters/Sounds/

                             Phonemic Awareness Activities


8:10-8:50            Writer's Workshop



8:50-9:25            Whole Group Reading – Science/SS


9:25-10:30          Differentiated Instruction/Guided Reading/

                             Literacy Stations/ Leveled Reading/


  10:30-11:25      Number Talk/Calendar/Fluency

                              Math Workshop:

                             Mini Lesson: Opening

                             Workshop: Stations/Needs Based Groups

                             Closing/Math Journal


1:26-11:56        Lunch


11:56-12:26        FOCUS - Small Group Differentiated Instruction/ Tasks           

                            from previous lessons

 12:30-1:00          Recess

 1:05-1:50            Specials

 1:50 - 2:15          Interactive Read Aloud with Journaling

 2:15-2:20            Dismissal