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Rules and Sight Words

Rules and Sight Words  
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Class Rules


1.Listen and follow directions.  

2. Keep hands and feet to yourself. 

3. Raise your hand.

4. Be Respectful. 

Our class uses a "Clip-up/Clip-down" behavior system. All children start everyday on Green-Ready to Learn. They have a chance to clip up for making good choices. They will clip down for inappropriate choices. Rewards are given when a child has clipped up. Part of playtime is taken away if a child has clipped down. If a child has clipped down to the bottom of the chart, a parent contact will be made. This may be by email, note, phone call or in person.






Sight Words  


Sight Words for the Year

The sight words and letter names/sounds for the week are also listed at the top of the newsletter

that you receive each Friday.

*A few more words may be added later to these words.

Please start practicing with your child now. I will test them approximately every two weeks to see which words they have mastered. A list of words was sent home that you can cut out and use as flashcards.


like, a, the, go, and, play, had, he, jump, I, see, are, has, you, get, we, come, big, of, run, me, am, zero, one, two, at, to, three, four, has, have, five, six, is, in, it, seven, can, his, eight, nine, him, on, ten, did, girl, for, but, up, all, look, with, her, what, was, were, said, that, down, they, boy, out, do, little, be, she, there, then, when, some,

red, blue, yellow, pink, green, purple, black, orange, purple, white, brown