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Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations  

Mrs. DeHaro’s



Golden Rule: “No one has the right to prevent someone else from learning.”


Classroom rules:


  1. Follow directions and work quietly
  2. When you want to talk, raise your hand and wait to be called on.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.
  4. Be nice to others and share.
  5. Take care of the things in our classroom.

 This year Class Dojo will be implemented as my classroom management.


Class Dojo builds classroom communities. Gives student the opportunity to show case what they are learning and doing at school. Parents can be involved and interact with the teacher. Students earn points for possitive behavior exhibited in class and in the school. The points earned can be traded for price(s) biweekly or saved for larger reward at the end of each nine weeks.


Note: Before point(s) are deducted the student is given a verbal warning, however if behavior(s) persists then point(s) will be deducted.


Points will be reset biweekly. I keep track of the points earned for that period so that the student can trade for larger school price each nine weeks or use for smaller price(s) biweekly.  

With this system I am reinforcing positive behavior. If your child persists in negative behaviors which prevent other children from learning, I will contact you. Please reinforce at home the idea that each child is responsible for his/her behavior, and must bear the consequences of that behavior.


                                                                                                     Mrs. De Haro