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You should have recieved an invitation to sign up for ClassDojo at Open House. This is a great way to keep up with everything happening at school. You get news about school events, tests, as well as other information through this site/app. If you have not signed up yet, please let your child's homeroom teacher know. They will send you a new invitation that contains the steps you need to sign up. Don't miss out on the latest school news!

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News !  

Fourth grade newsletters will be sent home every two weeks on Friday. You can find vocabulary words, class news, and school news on the newsletter.

Please click on the Newsletter link to view the most recent newsletter.

You can also view important class and school events on the Calendar link.  

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We are in need of tissues and Clorox wipes please!

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Georgia Parent Survey  

The Georgia Parent Survey is also modeled after the student survey and contains 24 questions. @A Spanish version of the parent survey will be available soon. @Parents will be able to complete the survey using their personal computers, smartphones or iPads. @For parents that do not have access to the Internet, school administrators might consider scheduling dates and times to allow parents to complete the Georgia Parent Survey at school. @All parents should be encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey because the data will be used to calculate the School Climate Star Rating . @However, there is no mandatory participation rate for parents. @Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. @Data results from the Georgia Parent Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online. @The URL address for the Georgia Parent Survey is posted below.


Georgia Parent Survey:



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