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Stacy Calvert Staff Photo

Teacher of the Year/Star Teacher

Star Teacher 2014  

David a former student of mine was chosen as Star Student at GC this year for having the highest SAT score.  He was allowed to pick one teacher who had the most influence on his education. David chose me!  I have the honor of being named Star Teacher for GC by David.  Being chosen is one of the most exciting honors I have ever been given. 

Update:  He was chosen as the Region winner too.



Announcement Image for Star Teacher 2014

Teacher of the Year  

I have been honored with the award of being named 2014 Teacher of the Year for Tolbert Elementary. I earned this award by being voted on by my fellow peers.  I am very proud and will continue to do what I love, teaching children.


Update: I was listed as 1 of the top 3 Teacher of the Year recipients for the county.  I was thrilled and honored to be chosen for this award.