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Esther DeHaro Staff Photo

Greetings! Welcome to Mrs. DeHaro's Second Grade class, where building caring and strong foundations is a priority. This year we are opening books for constant exploration in all subjects, gain new learning, and apply rigorous use of individual and joined abilities. We will explore each standard, discover its content, and discuss how it applies to us in our daily experiences. We will have an amazing year full of discoveries, friendships, and new learning.



I began my undergraduate education at California State University at Los Angeles, then moved to Georgia and received an Associates Degree from Dalton College. I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. I added a Masters degree through Lesley University in 2006. I began my teaching career at Tolbert Elementary in 2000.

I enjoy traveling and visiting new places. I am married and have two children, Nathaly and Eugenio. I grew up in Los Angeles, California and reside in Georgia since  December of 1995.